Alliance Surgical Center

Industry: Medical

Services Provided: Web Development, Google Marketing, Photography, Print


Alliance Surgical Center was a massive undertaking as it required every step of the CareBridge Digital process of Create, Brand, and Develop. The ASC project required managing the construction of the surgery center, ensuring all aspects of the building met OSHA and HIPAA standards and that it could be presented and utilized as a state-of-the-art surgery center. These measures that had been lined out item-by-item before the start of construction were met and completed successfully.

Our team ensured that the doctors of ASC were aware of the progress being made on the project and that constant communication was secured between CareBridge Digital and the construction subcontractors.

CareBridge Digital also installed the internal technology structure for the company’s staff and employees. We established the internal branding for the company, which included the company name, logo, as well as interior and exterior design of the facility.